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What does it mean Crazy Garage?

The teambuilding game what is mixed with live logical games and with the escape room games, where in different room you can play the game.

The game is very similar with the escape games from the computer world! The players is will be member of factual game place, where u try to discover some code, exercise and structure. The Team has to discover each other that, the given things, tools and structures for what and how you have to use or open, so just like this to achieve your goal!

The communication is very important during the game, and also the teamwork! The emphasis is on your creativitat: the game is improve your creative problem-solving skills, that you find yourselves in some situation, where just can expect yourself and your teammates! The teams to escape necessary to discover some complicate codes and tricky task. Your team just have 1 hour, so the teamwork is essential.

Which type of rooms we have, in more detail?!

You can choose from these type of rooms: IQ, Retro, Pub, Retro, Sports!
It means, like the rooms are have different exercises and structures, so every room is touch other topics so its need other type of ideas to win the game.

Where can we play? Whereever?

Yes, we can, basically where the tracks have enough place to built, we can orginaze the game,  especially rooms, trents are the perfect places! The game is not necessary current, because the structures are autarchic, so if the weather is good we can play the game also in one garden.
Per room we need 20m2!

How many minutes is one game?

The teams have 60 minutes to escape from the rooms!
We just need 15-20 minutes to rebuild the rooms, if the team wants to play one after another one.

Have The teams the possibility to play more than one time?

Yes, they have the possibility that play more than one time the game! Definitely, the teams would play another track, because we always put back the structures and the exercises for the same possession, by this the teams have equals chance.
If the game is still not clear for you, click here for more information!