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énMy name is Szinay Zsolt, the owner of Sopron Crazy Garage.

In 2013 of May, in Sopron, we opened the first  live logical escape game(familiar name: room escape games)! Sopron Crazy Garage for 2-6 member of teams! In summer of 2014, we created our second track which opening with our last room, could facilitate our players (almost 9 per game) more confort and opportunities. Until nowadays, we received around 100 teams that are giving us a lot of experience about how to create the best team building game. The purpose of the game, including our key is “Work and fight together as a team through different creative exercises and structures”. Furthermore, the game also improve your problem-solving skills.

Now you have the opportunity to try the game with a big team or with your company (50-100 people).

Our goal is acquainting your team with the new form of the teambuilding games.

Have fun:

Szinay Zsolt